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My Testimony

This is my testimony of how the RU Recovery Program has helped me from beginning to end. In the beginning of this program, I was lost and struggling with personal problems. I had a terrible attitude. I had trust and anger issues and I didn’t know how to love. I was miserable with myself and my confidence in anything or anyone was very low.

Then one day a friend invited me to RU. When I first started the program, I wasn’t that excited. I figured it would be hard memorizing Bible verses but while reading the curriculum, I became interested in what I was reading. I found that the things mentioned in the books were similar to my life. I felt relieved that there was help available in RU. Then I asked God to show me and help me understand exactly what it is I’m supposed to learn.

So by the time I got to the second book, I was becoming confident and excited about what God was giving me! Then, I read the first three chapters of Nevertheless I Live and began to find the answers to so many of my problems! By reading this, I gained the understanding of why I was having so many personal difficulties.

When I started my journey, I “knew” that God was the only way, the truth, and the life. Then, I had to understand. Since He is the way, truth, and life, I couldn’t go around doing the things I used to do and still obey what God wants me to do. I had to love others as well as myself. So then, I dedicated myself to God and He began to transform my life.

I started to understand what it was that God wanted me to do with my life. When I got to the last book, I was walking in a new life for God. I plan to follow the path God has put before me. Thank you, RU, for showing me the way.

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