Stories of Victory 9/9/2015

My name is Jesse. I am 23 years old from Buffalo, NY.

Growing up I lived in a christian home with parents that love God and taught me all they could about Jesus. Ever since I was little I was very rebellious and wanted to do what I wanted. As I grew older my rebellion became worse and worse and after many wrong choices I fell into a deep depression.

It was the summer of 2012 when I was engaged in heavy drug use and became addicted to the “party life” to try and cover up my depression. The more I tried to cover it up the worse it got. It was the winter of 2013 a few days after Christmas when I hit my lowest of low. Because of my addiction I got kicked out of the place where I was living and then began sleeping on friends couches. I remember thinking to myself ” I’m over this life, I’m done living, I just want to die” after a night of heavy drug use, the next day I went to my parents house in hopes that I could live there until I found a new place to live.

My parents loved me so much and I knew they did but they couldn’t let me live in their house. My parents told me its either the mens home in Rockford, IL to get help or back out to the street. I was so spun out on drugs that I didn’t know what was up, down, left or right. After talking to my parents I knew I needed help and on January 10th 2014 i entered into the Mens School of Discipleship.

On January 13th I accepted the eternal gift of salvation. I have surrendered my life to the Lord and his will. God has done so much in my life from family restoration to true happiness and real freedom from addiction. God has become so real to me and no words can describe the thankfulness I have that God will never give up on me. Currently I am serving in the local RU chapter in Rockford, IL. I am also a member at the North Love Baptist Church. God has been so good to me and the goodness of God truly does bring a man to repentance.

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