Story of Victory 7-26-13

Greetings.  When I first started with Reformers Unanimous, it was with the idea of helping out with the discipleship program.  Soon I was asked to be a men’s group leader.  I felt it was important, as a leader, to work through the program myself along with the men in my group.  I have indeed been able to mentor others and encourage them in the things of the Lord:  however, I have grown in the Lord and have been encouraged and blessed by the same folks to whom I have ministered.

Specifically, I have been challenged to ask God to develop certain fruits of the Spirit in my life (such as longsuffering and gentleness).  With the Lord’s help, I have sought to be a better husband, father, and teacher by seeking to cultivate the various fruits of righteousness in my life.  Most recently, I have sought to work on sincerity by being a consistent Christian, no matter what environment I am placed in.

Over the past year, it has been a joy to challenge one of the deaf men in my group to improve his church attendance, memorize verses, and begin journaling.  The past two weeks, he has attended every church service!  I have watched his comprehension of the Bible increase (when I interpret messages at RU or in church).  The more Scripture he has memorized, the quicker he has been able to learn.  (This has been significant for an individual with some academic challenges.)  He also asked me to pray with him to be able to deal with bitterness in his life.  God has begun answering this request and he has been able to forgive some who have wronged him in the past.  I thank the Lord for enabling me to help this brother in Christ in such specific ways.

I also thank the Lord for opportunities I have had in the past year and a half to serve as a substitute volunteer in the weekly RU jail ministry.  Each time I have gone with my director, I have found the ladies in the program eager to learn basic Bible truths.  Their attitude has been refreshing.  It has been great to see some visit our church after their release and say, “Remember me?”

Three members of my men’s group started the Threshold book shortly after it was made available.  I am the third to finish the course now.  It has been great to be able to work the course with them and share what I’m learning through my own journaling.

I also thank the Lord for the two times I have been able to go to Rockford for the National Conference.  The testimonies of those whose lives were delivered from crippling addictions and who are now actively serving in RU chapters around the States remains a challenge to me and a reminder that God can do it again—maybe with a member of my men’s group.

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