Stories of Victory 7-19-13

Stories of victory…at Reformers Unanimous we receive letters from people all over the world proclaiming the victory they have found in Christ through the ministry of RU.  These notes and letters are exceptionally encouraging to all our staff.  If you have a story of victory that you would like to share, please email it to us at  Here are a few excerpts from the years:

from Pleasantville, New Jersey

            Dear RU, Thank you so much! You are a good man of God. I had never even heard of RU when I thought I was taking a child to a “church group activity.” I walked into RU by accident. Thank God for this Christ-centered program! I can hardly wait to begin book #2.

from Peebles, Ohio

            I want to thank you for breaking my cold heart. It means more than you will ever know. I finally found a different life. My heart is getting softer. I am now praying. That’s something I have never done in my life. I have found something different in my life. The Lord has been touching me and it feels so great and I thank you more than I can ever say.

from Hobbs, New Mexico

            I am really glad that I came to RU because I believe it saved my life. I was depressed and not sure I wanted to keep going, but I didn’t see a way out. Coming to RU showed me the exit sign and helped bring me out of the darkness and into God’s light. Thank You!

from Salina, Kansas

            Since our church started just training for this program, God has started blessing our church. As a church, we are excited about what God is going to do in our community.

from Monroe, Michigan

            I have been through several drug & alcohol programs and this has been the best by far. It brought Jesus and the Holy Spirit back into my life and I have faith that I will remain clean & sober this time. Also, the Pastor has been a great help, a good friend, and my new hero. Praise the Lord.

from Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania

I’ve only been in RU for a short period of time and already referring to Psalm 1 has helped me from relapsing and returning to the way I was.

from Bardstown, Kentucky

RU has been the best thing to happen to me. I have opened my Bible more in the last few months, than I have in years. I love this program and I hope the church continues with this program. I attend on Friday nights, and by doing this. I am saving money because I don’t go to “Bingo”. I would rather attend an RU meeting. Thanks!

from Lacey, Washington

Thank you so much for this awesome program.  Even though I am one of the leaders for the RU Ladies class, I can’t tell you how much I need this program. By God’s wonderful grace I have grown so much closer to him, my husband, & my 3 little boys. Thank you, again, and God bless you!

From an incarcerated student in Louisiana

I wrote you a letter 4 or 5 months ago about trying to get the RU program in my detention center (jail). On December 1, RU was allowed to come in, and we have been having meetings every Monday Night. I grew up in church, but the world was calling me, and I slid into drugs, alcohol, sex, and rock-n-roll. Now, here I am, trying to get it right. I have about 15 months left here at jail and would like to come up there for your school so I can come back home and carry on God’s work and keep the RIP program going here at RPDC and at Angola State Penn.

from Austin, Texas

I really appreciate all the work and dedication you show to the RU program.  I only pray and hope for such test in my new Christian life. I was born again on Christmas Day of 2008 and I’ve been on such a high ever since.  The RU program is just what I need to help me focus and grow in the best direction possible.  Thank You So Much! God Bless You and All that help you!

from Douglasville, Georgia

Thank you for starting and being a part of this program. You have been a huge inspiration and this program has helped me stay sober. Even better then that this program has helped me get a relationship with God and make me stronger.  Because of this program I have been saved and I feel I have a part of my heart I never had before. Thank you for all your help and time

from Atlanta, Georgia

I would like to thank God for giving you the thought for starting the RU Program. This is the best drug program I have ever attended.

 from Blue Creek, Ohio

I was backsliden ordained minister got involved with drugs and alcohol in and out of prison two times.  Through your ministry and preaching I have rededicated my life for Jesus now FREE AT LAST. PLEASE KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS. I still go every Friday to RU. Thank you.

from Muskegon, Michigan

This program is more than a blessing! It is a answer to prayer a true true blessing  from the God above. Thank God for you and all you do.

from Galloway, New Jersey

I’ve found more meaning thru learning about Christ and the Bible at RU then compared to AA meetings. The program is very powerful. I hope to be able to overcome my problems as I am still struggling at times. I need to do more of the work and reading.

from Clio, Michigan

I was saved on my first night at a R.U. meeting in November 2008! I feel blessed to have found a program to bring me closer to the Lord!!!  I came to R.U. with an addiction of being addict to an user. Soon I realized I had more than just a hang up!! I realized I was sinning in so many others areas of my life. But now I am going down the righteous path!! Thank you !

from Columbus, Ohio

I just want to say that the R.U. program has helped me in my walk with the Lord. I do not have an addiction to drugs or alcohol  but  I believe this program is one that all believers (and non believers ) should attend. Thank you. 

from Orlando, Florida…

This is a great program.  You give the straight answers that nobody else in any other program would give. Thank you.

from Dillsboro, Indiana…

Your program has been a shining light in a dark place.  I am so thankful for the inspiration and guidance.  I pray for the continued success of this program.

from Brimfield, Indiana…

I am a member of [our church.] My son is the RU Director in [another town.] I am also a missionary, seeing people saved.  I was taken aback when handed an Overcomer book for my birthday last year!  I laid it aside, knowing I didn’t need it! Then, recently, II Chronicles 7:14 came to my attention – “and turn from their wicked ways.” I told the Lord, “Surely not me!”  Five days later I told Him that if I had a “wicked way,” to show it to me and I will turn from it.  Well, I had more than one…now I’ve been freed and forgiven…. how wonderful the “It’s Personal” Daily Journal is to me!! Thank you for this program!

from Medina, Ohio…

I have been in church all my life, but I have never gotten as close to the Lord or felt His presence in my life like I have since I started attending RU.  It is helping me find ways to learn things from my devotions and pray in a way where my prayers are answered.

from Plano, Texas…

Bless you for starting this program!  I feel so at home in RU, and I am growing in my Christian walk due to the teaching here.  I enjoy every aspect of the program with the RU journal rating as my favorite tool.  Thank you!

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  1. Thank you all for starting RU in Fort Wayne IN it has not only changed my life but it has SAVED my life. On July 4th 2013 I received a liver transplant from IU medical center! Without the RU program and the support of all the church members & staff I never would’ve made it. Feb. 14 2011 I was given 3-6 mos to live, but God had another plan. I am recovering well, & have been cured by the Word! RU is a life saver in a sea of despair! Thank you Jesus. I want to share God’s goodness with all, through the RU program.

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