Steve Curington Press Conference

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2 responses to “Steve Curington Press Conference”

  1. The Ru Program that Mr. Currington founded Literally saved my eternal life not to mention my life on earth. I came from the jail program as an inmate, over 2 years ago and so did my new husband. I had tried couseling, AA, Dry drunks and just giving in till next time. And through this program I found The love of Christ and discovered that I could have a personal relationship with him. What this program has done for me and many others is miraculas, because Christ is in charge. Thank you Bro. Steve, for loving us and teaching us, and living as the example for us. You will be sorely missed. I am lifting up Lori and the kids everyday. God's grace is sufficent. Psalsm 40: 1-3

  2. thank you bro. steve currington for saving my life and showing me a new way to live you will be sorely missed. Your family and friends are in my heart and prayers, thank you again!!

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