How To Have Soul Control And Keep Your Heart With All Diligence

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Proverbs 12:5 Dissected and Defined

The thoughts (meditations) of the righteous are right: but the counsels (advice) of the wicked are deceit (fraudulent).

Daily Devo Paraphrase

There is no greater commodity within humankind than the heart. The heart is the part of man that determines if he will follow the Spirit, or if he will submit to his flesh. That is why the Word tells us to “keep it with all diligence” for every important issue in life springs from it. 

The Devil Wants To Have Soul Control Over You

The soul of man is the battlefield of the devil. The heart is the spoils of war. If he has soul control over you, he will own your heart. He can control your every thought. You see, you think in your heart (“as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”). Thus, if he controls your heart, he controls your thinking. We all have good and bad information stored in our minds. Some have more good, some have more bad. But, what we decide to think about (meditate upon) is up to us. We can think good or bad thoughts, it’s all in our control. 

Casting Down Bad Thoughts

Of course, the more good you store in your mind and the more bad you cast down from your mind, the less the devil can stimulate your mind in a negative way through his outside pressures (oppression). This verse is telling us the righteous will think right regularly. Two days ago, I explained to you what type of righteousness this is. It is not the righteousness that comes through justification, but a righteousness that comes through sanctification. 

Have A Dynamic Love Relationship With Jesus Christ

Solomon is telling us that those who have a dynamic love relationship with Jesus Christ will think right thoughts. However, those who do not will think deceptive thoughts. They will think thoughts that would not even be in the mind of the righteous, much less dwelt on in the heart. Have you ever wondered how people can be so devious? I tell you, it’s pre-meditated! They think these thoughts because the devil has control over their soul. He can stimulate them to think what he wants by oppressing them with unfortunate outside pressure.    

At least, That’s What I Think. Maybe You Should “Think About It, Too.”

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