Should Christians Support or Oppose the Legalization of Marijuana for Medical Purposes?

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Many States have legalized marijuana for medical purposes and a few have legalized it for recreational use. This has created for many individuals a dilemma. What are we to do regarding this issue of legalized marijuana? As Christians, should we support this movement of legalization or should we oppose it?

At this year’s RU Recovery Conference, we will address this issue of legalized marijuana and attempt to answer many questions. We will share with those present some important information that will help solidify in their minds what position they should take. A sample of this information is as follows:

#1 – Science has proven – and all major scientific and medical organizations agree – that marijuana is both addictive and harmful to the human brain, especially when used as an adolescent. One in every six 16 year olds (and one in every eleven adults) who try marijuana will become addicted to it.

#2 – More young people are in treatment for marijuana abuse or dependence than for the use of alcohol and all other drugs.

#3 – Marijuana may contain medical components much like opium does. But we don’t smoke opium to get the effects of morphine. Similarly, we don’t need to smoke marijuana to get its potential medical benefit.

I hope to see you at the 2018 RU Recovery Conference as we discuss this most important topic.

3 Responses

  1. I don’t support smoking it but I do support the CBD in the compound. Has many benefits. Known to fight cancer

  2. People who really need the medical cannabis for real issues that are a serious problem for many people, from 100+ seizures a day to depression, autism and severe anxiety. Those people need medical cannabis and it usually is in a liquid form not smoked. Cigarettes and alcohol and obesity are epidemics that need more attention. We just need to love each other and learn all we can from people and other available information instead of prematurely judging or making statements based on inacurate information.

  3. Benjamin
    Hold Hanna in your arms .See,feel her unconcious body stiffen and fall
    limp convulsing 20 times today.In addition to the seizure itself but damaging
    attacks on her social, and intellectual life for life. Ask yourself why He gave you posession of the knowledge to prevent all of this for His daughter for Him Yet you are not using it.Think He wants to hurt her or doesnt offer the best?Think you know better than God?

    using it. Think you know better than God?

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