Serving Him – A Victorious Life Story

Here is a recent testimony received in Rockford. This story is a true example that proves RU Recovery Program is for everyone!

RU Recovery Program had been in progress in my church for two months and the Lord had been speaking to my heart about helping with the program. I had just retired and had so many things I wanted to do. I just did not have time to add one more thing to my agenda. After all, I was already at the church three days a week every week! But He kept pulling at my heart and I attended my first meeting. I knew immediately that this was where God wanted me to be. I became the ladies leader shortly thereafter. That was two years ago.

I was saved at the age of twelve and had worked in the church my whole life. However, I have grown in the knowledge of God’s Word more in the last two years then in my whole life. Being in the Word every day, memorizing verses, and applying this to my life has changed me drastically. Interacting with people who have addictions, learning to listen, and being able to share Gods Word so these special friends give their lives to Jesus is so very wonderful. My heart has been so broken many times, but seeing these people turn their lives around is worth everything. I have a son that was addicted to pain pills at one period of time. If I could help just one person, the time spent would be well worth the effort.

Even though I am sixty-seven years young, I continue to grow every day. Getting to know Jesus through His Word fills my heart. RU has taught me to look at life in a whole new light.

Thank all of you for making the RU experience possible.

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  1. Brothers and Sisters in Christ, We are so overwhelmed about how God is bringing RU to Fargo, ND. Speaking of another retirement story where our plans obviously were different than Gods plan. One reads testimonies about how HUGE BLESSINGS happen to them, but now it is happening right here with us. We are like frozen with our mouth dropped open with amazement of how God works. It is so wonderful that God is the One in control, as there is no way we could handle this powerful ministry on our own. Bro. Gilles is coming to Fargo, on the 17 of May for our first mock meeting and we are very exited. Please pray for us and our community that many will be made free from their addictions. Thank you Reformers Unanimous and Praise our God for all that He is doing in the lives of the Addicted. We love this RU motto verse so much John 8:32″…And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” In Christ and because of Him.

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