Search Wisdom: Desire, Disconnect & Go

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Proverbs 18:1 Dissected & Defined

Through desire a man, having separated himself, seeketh and intermeddleth with all wisdom.

Dissected & Defined

Desire is an emotion of the mind directed to attain. Separate means to disconnect. To seek is to go in search of. Intermeddleth is to take part in the affairs of others.


This can be taught in two ways. The Spirit will tell you which is right. 

God’s Standard vs the Devil’s Standard

The first is to say that people who isolate will eventually find themselves picking quarrels with everyone. In other words, the most separated of Christians will, at times, use their separation as a reason to quarrel with others, usually at the cost of liberty to another. That is not to say that separation is wrong, for I am a very separated believer. But rather to say that separation is God’s standard, but quarreling is the devil’s standard.

Disconnect & Search Wisdom

My understanding of this passage, more in line with the simplified “hidden life,” is that if you want to be wise, the Holy Spirit must take the controls of your life. To do this, you will have to consistently separate and seek it. That means if you will “disconnect yourself” from the rigors of life temporarily during the day and use that valuable retreat to “go in search” of Holy Spirit direction, then you will intermeddle with wisdom.

Wisdom in the New Testament

Now remember, wisdom in the New Testament age is yielding your skills in life to the Holy Spirit. So when it tells us that we will intermeddle with wisdom, it is saying that we will be taking part in the affairs of the Holy Spirit. Thus, I conclude that if you want to be heavily involved in the work of the Holy Spirit, you are going to have to disconnect daily and interact with only Him during that time. 


One final missing element is desire. That is an emotion of the mind that is directed to attain. You will never take part in the affairs of the Holy Spirit if you do not develop an appetite in your mind to attain that separation. Without the separation from others, there is no union with God. If you don’t, then the other application may be true for you. You may be separated, but you are probably quarreling. 

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