#SafetyPin — Where Did All The Safe Places Go?

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I was reading an article after our recent election that had to do with people wearing a #SafetyPin. This trend started in England with the aftermath of the June 23 vote to leave the European Union. Many in Britain were struggling with the decision and the #SafetyPin movement was started. Wearing this pin became a sign to others that either they feel their safety threatened or they wanted people who feel unsafe to know they are safe with them. What I know is this: people are looking for peace and safety. 

I was reminded of a boy who lived his life in a manner that was not pleasing to his father, his brother, or even the government and their rules. This boy had “wasted his substance in riotous living.” In fact, he had such indifference that Jesus Christ painted this boy in the worst possible light, and then told his story to people who were not willing to allow people like this boy to come to a “safe place” where they could change. However, the Lord Jesus Christ wanted to see him, and others, come to safety.

Where is the Safety?

I believe many in our nation are in such a place. They have reached a place of degradation where they feel safety nowhere. They feel threatened (whether the perception is true or not) and they are rioting and responding with more vile actions that will only lead to greater insecurities and failures. 

The boy in this story above finally came to himself. He began to think back to a “safe place” that reminded him that even the hired servants had it better than he did at that current time. One insider in this story said to the boy’s brother when he came home, “And he said unto him, Thy brother is come; and thy father hath killed the fatted calf, because he hath received him safe and sound.” (Luke 15:27)

Our souls seek safe places. We are attracted to people we trust. We look for people who will accept us for who we are and teach us what we need to be. I have traveled to hundreds of churches in the last 16 years. I know some churches tend to have a rigid agenda, pretenses, and pride that cause others to think they would not be safe or accepted there. Sadly, I am convinced they are right – there is no safety there! But I can tell you that this is not the norm. Many of these churches have started a recovery program called RU. (rurecovery.com) This program has helped churches communicate safety and welcome people who look for safety. People are finding permanent acceptance and security that comes from God and the help of the local church. 

Safe Places Require Confidence

Safe places require confidence. At this program, you will be told, “What’s said in this room stays in this room”. I have seen many people find security and safety in a group, participate in the RU curriculum, and allow God to transform their lives. They then use their story (testimonies) to encourage others.

Those who provide this safe environment at RU seek first to listen and understand. There is no rush to judgment, but there is a rash of love! You will be heard – they want to hear what you’re thinking and why you’re thinking it – and together you can open your minds and hearts to the Truth that will make you free…finally! You can find that “safe place” for which you are searching. Look for a program near you at rurecovery.com.

Find your #SafetyPin

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