RU Revovery Program — Cliff’s Story of Victory

The last two weeks of my life have proven to me that the RU Recovery Program and the leaders therein are truly a vessel that God uses to bring people to have a close personal walk with Jesus Christ.

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Since I came back to Tennessee I have not missed a church day. I have attended 4 different churches. God has allowed me to share my testimony in front of a couple of large crowds (Something that I alone could never do, but the Holy Spirit inside me allowed me to do.) Last Friday night I was over at my Aunts house getting ready to go to the RU at Franklin Road Baptist Church. We arrived there at 15 minutes till 7 p.m. My dad was in the parking lot waiting for me to get there. My dad was interested in the RU Recovery Program. Praise God! My dad attended his first RU Recovery Program that night. What a miracle. I never would have imagined my father going to an a church or RU Recovery Program.

My Father Even Quit Drinking!

This is the man that hasn’t had a drink since my graduation. He no longer argues with my mother. He prays to God every day. My heavenly father has delivered my dad from his habitual sin in a big way. I found out today that my dad had started reading the RU-N-Touch magazine 4 months ago. That led him to start watching our RUHQ that livestreams out of Rockford every Friday night. My dad is familiar with the Bible. He just never moved it 18 inches into his heart.

I went to church this morning with my Mom, Dad, Grandmother for the first time since I was Baptized January of 2002. Praise God!

My parents have been hurting financially since they both lost their job earlier this year. Last Tuesday they got a call from someone saying that they were going to extend their unemployment for 6 more months.

On, Friday they got a call from a lady saying that she was sending a check for $1100 dollars that was owed to them. My parents did not know what to think. But they knew what to say, “Praise God!” My heavenly father is providing for my family in an incredible way. This is incredible. On Saturday as hard as this may be to believe, my father received a check for $276. He broke out in tears.

My father is more joyful now than I believe he has ever been in his life. On Sunday we had our Family Christmas get Together. It was the best one we have had in 20 years. The Holy Spirit is present in my family now and it is incredible to see.

Thank each and every one of you so much for every prayer. Thank you for the last 7 months of my life. I always thought that I wanted my life back… Hah, God gave me new life.

RU Recovery Program is a Modern Day Miracle

I want everyone out that was as hopeless as I was to experience the Modern Day Miracle – RU Recovery Ministries. Every please have a safe and joyful Christmas. May a peace be in your heart that last longer than the 24 hours that encompass Christmas Day.


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  1. It is such a blessing for me to hear these testimonies from my fellow grads of the r.u. schools of discipleship.God is so good! It was so uplifting to read this post from you Cliff

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