Recovery is Real, My Story

Recovery is Real, and this is my story of recovery from addiction.  I started using crack cocaine at the age of 21 years old. At first I would snort it and smoke it, but I eventually (at a later date) started slamming (shooting with a needle) it. My father, who at this time I was living with, eventually found out and he kicked me out of his house. I packed up and started living at the beach in my car. This continued for about three months, and all along I continued using drugs.

My father eventually came and asked me to come back home. It is then when I started slamming crystal meth.  This led me even further downhill and I started to do really evil things with my life, including selling my body for the next fix. I worked various odd jobs like doing people’s laundry, cleaning cars or just about anything just for my next fix.

Years went by as did the same old life of drugs and degradation. During this time period, my family wanted nothing to do with me, I was in and out of jail (never staying more than two weeks), and my life was going nowhere, and fast!

I eventually became homeless and moved to a river bed with many other homeless people, many who also had drug and alcohol problems. I lived at the riverbed for about six months. One day when I was in my 30s, I overdosed. Only by God’s grace,  I survived!

During the overdose the feelings in my legs and my arms disappeared. White stuff started coming out of my mouth, I became very scared and screamed as loud as I could for help and I started to pray.

The Lord must have been watching over me, because I then heard a voice of my cousin who was also living in the riverbed and he had with him a member of Pacific Baptist Church. The man’s named was Albert. Albert led me to the Lord right there in the riverbed!

Albert then invited me to the church’s RU Program. I attended RU the very next Friday. God used the RU Program, the chapter director and many others, to get me grounded in His Word. They helped me in my walk with God and for this I am so thankful!

Recovery is  Real! I know because I have been clean now for over 3 ½ years, doing my RU books, and getting closer and closer to the Lord and becoming a more integral part of the church family here in Long Beach.  I help Brother Johnny set up for RU every week and am very thankful for the RU and PBC family that I have here.  I will ever be grateful to the Lord for my chapter director, and the RU Program …who were all used by God to make a great difference in my life

The Words of Jesus, as found in His Word, are powerful. They have made a great difference in my life, and for this I am thankful. I thank God for His power and presence in my life, and would encourage you to let Him set you free finally!

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