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Order(s) will be processed in our system within 24 hours from when it is received(excluding weekends or holidays). You should receive an email once your order has been processed. Your order should arrive within 5-10 business days when shipping to the lower 48 states. (US territories are shipped using USPC mail and there are no discounts available for shipping.)

When you place an order, we will estimate delivery dates based upon the availability of your item(s), shipping method selected, and your shipment’s destination. Our shipping charges are determined by the total weight of your order, excluding applicable sales tax and drop ship fees.

Mailing to Prison/Jail Institutions: Due to the variety of products that prisons will not accept, RU Recovery Ministries is not responsible for products not delivered once the product is received by the institution. The sender ultimately is responsible to know the rules & regulations for locations receiving our products, as this varies by institution.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please call 1-815-209-2750.