Download our Principled Use of Technology Agreement

This is a great guideline for anyone wanting a higher level of accountability and transparency in their use of the tools of technology.

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Here are several great Workshops and Sermons on the issue of Pornography to Download and Listen too.

Pornography a Medical Perspective

Dr. George Crabb, D.O.

Pornography A Medical Perspective.mp3

Dealing With Porn Addicts Part One

Dr. George Crabb, D.O.

Dealing With Porn Addicts Part One.mp3

Dealing With Porn Addicts Part Two

Dr. George Crabb, D.O.

Dealing with Porn Addicts Part Two.mp3

The Web of Pornography

Jeremy Amster

The Web of Pornography.mp3


Some Additional Resources

Can PTSD Cause Addiction

Can PTSD Cause Addiction? A Testimony of Faith-Based Recovery

Can PTSD Cause Addiction? Here is the story of my journey from PTSD to self-medication, addiction, and then to recovery. Thank you for this opportunity to share how my Savior,…

Stop Watching Porn image shows busted CRT Computer Monitor

Stop Watching Porn! The Long Road of Small Compromises

I just couldn’t stop watching porn! I became a different person. My pornography obsession continued to grow until my arrest and conviction. After you read my testimony, you may find…

Living a Victorious Life Despite being in Prison

From Model Citizen to Fateful Felon…

At the RU Recovery Ministry headquarters in Rockford, Illinois we receive testimonies of people living a victorious life in the mail from people all over the world. Recently, this story…


Danger of Immorality

Proverbs 5:9,10 Dissected & Defined Lest thou give thine honour (promotion) unto others, and thy years (prime time) unto the cruel: Lest strangers (belonging to another) be filled with thy wealth…

Covetousness Conquered

Covetousness Conquered with a Covenant

“I made a covenant with mine eyes; why then should I think upon a maid?” — Job 31:1 Job: A Man Of Integrity Job was a man of integrity. In…

immoral relationships

Avoid Immoral Relationships: Don’t Lose It All

Proverbs 5:8-9 Dissected & Defined Remove thy way (path) far from her (the strange woman), and come not nigh (near) the door of her house: Lest thou give thine honour (promotions)…

Sexual Sins

Are You Struggling With Immorality? The Lord See’s All!

Are You Struggling With Sexual Sins? My heart breaks because of what sin does when it is finished. Sin is sin, but the damage done towards the kingdoms work is…

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