Pride Begins With Disregarding Others

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Proverbs 11:2 Dissected & Defined

When pride (undue esteem of self) cometh, then cometh shame (injured reputation): but with the lowly (humble) is wisdom.

Daily-Devo Paraphrase

Pride: The Original Sin

God hates our pride. He repeats this phrase and others like it often in the Bible. Pride elevates one’s self over all. Lucifer fell because of pride, Adam sinned because of pride. The list could go on… Cain, Noah, Abram, Jacob. 

This verse is telling us that if we have the undue esteem of self, that it will injure our reputation. In the Bible, everyone that struggled with pride was brought low by God and received a blemish on their reputation. 

It never fails. God tells us that He destroys people that struggle with pride. However, God will allow us to struggle with arrogance much longer. Arrogance is an undue disregard for others. We are told in Proverbs 16:18 that a haughty (arrogant) spirit will cause us to fall. God allows us to fall, and fall, and fall. That is to say that He may permit us, temporarily, to overlook the needs of others.

God Destroys The Proud

Yet, He also tells us in verse 18 that He destroys the proud. So we can see that it is obvious that falling proceeds destruction. We can conclude that pride begins with a disregard for others and concludes with an esteem of self above all else. 

Oh, how God hates this type of behavior. God will destroy that person’s reputation. The Lord will also take away whatever is leading that person to be puffed up. He will share His glory with no one!

The Humble Will Inherit Skill In Life

But, He tells us that humble people will inherit a skill in life. Those skills or wisdom will develop a great reputation when they are focused on others and overlooks selfish motives.

What better way to build your reputation? So why not let others do it for you as you do things for others? It is the best way to get God on your side. The Bible tells us that every man should esteem others better than himself (Philippians 2:3).

That’s pretty good advice. I would stake my reputation on it. How about you?

Pride DVD


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