Victorious Life Stories: Prescription Drugs

I was saved in 1974 and was married in 1980 after attending a Christian university. In 1984, I had the first of eight back surgeries which ended my career as a paramedic, left me disabled, and eventually addicted to prescription drugs.

My Victorious Life Story over Prescription Drugs

I don’t know when I first became addicted. All I know is that at some point I began to take my prescription medication for more than the physical pain. I grew further and further away from the Lord and my family, taking the prescription meds just to feel normal.

In December of 2006, my family and I went to our cabin for a vacation.  All I am sure of is that I awoke in the middle of the night knowing I had done something terrible. I got up and discovered I had taken my whole week’s supply of drugs – prescription narcotics, muscle relaxers, and anti-depressants.

The affects on my relationship

My wife hid all of my prescriptions from me and told me she would now control my prescription meds. I went into withdrawals because she was giving me far less than I had been taking. I was too ashamed to tell her how many I normally used. I soon discovered her hiding place and took more. I knew the day of discovery was rapidly approaching when she would discover what I was doing. Finally, having enough of this life, I decided to confess to my Pastor and wife that coming Sunday.

Sunday arrived, and I changed my mind and tried to bluff my way through with my wife. However, God had another plan. During the service, my Pastor said, “If there is something in your life coming between you and your family or between you and God, you need to get rid of it now!” Under tremendous conviction, I went to the altar, confessed to the Lord, and asked Pastor to meet with me and my wife. In his office, I confessed my sin to them. My Pastor was glad I had reached the end of myself, but my wife looked skeptical. She asked if I would do whatever it takes to get off the drugs and I said yes, thinking we could just get more pills and I would taper off at home. Two days later, I found myself in the detox unit of the local hospital.

NA didn’t work

After my release, I attempted to go to NA meetings, but they weren’t for me. There was too much dwelling on my sin and I didn’t believe I had a disease. I didn’t know what to do.

Then I found RU

The week I confessed, my Pastor got a letter from RU, telling about the program. I went online and found an RU only twenty miles away.
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For weeks, I did little in the curriculum. I thought there was no way I could memorize the verses in the Overcomer workbook, because of the effect of the drugs on my memory. Then one week, my leader encouraged me to try to do two challenges. I agreed only to get him off my back. I decided to pray for help and was shocked when God helped me!  I was so excited that I prayed about the next verse, and once again, I could say it. That is when I really took off.  Without God’s help, I don’t think I ever would have gotten that first verse memorized. Over the next year, I passed the Overcomer and the Strongholds Study Course.

I can never thank you enough for this program. My eyes tear up every time I think about all God has done for me AND my family through RU. The joy I feel today is unbelievable. His love is truly boundless! I am looking forward to beginning the next book in the course as I grow to serve Him better.

Note:  Does this story seem similar to yours?? Can you relate to any part of this man’s testimony? The same help is available to you!  Find a Chapter Near You or Contact us today at 866-REFORMU.

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  1. We are starting a ,RU, program at our church. A long battle and love for drugs, but am trurly dedicated to ,Gods, word. have have a lot of mixed emotions. I really think I can help people in a lot more ways than some at the Church, who are starting the program, possibly can. I just don,t know quite how to get started? Thats about all I got to say, Sincerely ,, Bill Kidd

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