Perverted Process of Foolish People

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Proverbs 19:3 Dissected & Defined

The foolishness (knowing right but choosing wrong) of man perverteth (turns right into wrong) his way (course of life): and his heart (meditator) fretteth (is agitated) against the LORD.

Daily-Devo Paraphrase

This verse explains the foolishness of the foolish. Foolish people are those who know right but they choose wrong. 

Perverted Process of Foolish People

Yet, this verse explains an interesting trait about the foolish man that is quite revealing. He explains a process that takes place within the fool that leads him to be so foolish. After this, Solomon then explains another process that takes place within the man that leads him to shift the fault for his foolishness. 

Let me explain. A man who knows right will decide to choose wrong through a series of decisions that will pervert his path. To pervert means “to take something that is right and turn it into wrong.” This is a process of meditation that is intended to justify doing what someone wants to do rather than what God has told them to do. 

If God has clearly prompted a plan of action or reaction to a particular circumstance, his preference is for each of us to yield to that prompting and remain in His way. 

Perverted Process of Decision Making

However, the foolish man will begin to meditate on the prompting and analyze the leading of the Spirit. He will do this only at times when the Spirit’s prompting does not parallel his preferences. He will dwell on his options and find the plausible option that fits his preferences. With this, he makes his foolish decision. He was given the right answer by God, but he chose the wrong answer by himself. 

From there, he will begin to think about the ramifications. Realizing in his spirit that he has made a foolish decision, he begins to meditate on how God has not intervened to assist him now that he is in a time of great need. He becomes agitated with God as his life is out of control and headed downhill fast. 

He never finds fault in himself. He simply feels God has let him down again. Why? Because improper meditation leads to improper agitation. He’s glad you’re mad.

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