The “Opioid Epidemic” in Ohio From Darkness to Light

Chris David | RU Chapter Director – Delaware, OH

I love my country, the liberties of publicly serving the one true living God and many other reasons. I also love my state where I reside. The great state of Ohio. If you were to come to Ohio you would without a doubt see the heritage of America. You would also know that Ohioans love their sports. With rivals such as the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals or The Ohio State Buckeyes and the team up north. As much as I love where the Lord has placed my family and me it is with a broken heart that I see our state come under one of the deadliest ‘drugs of destruction’ we have ever seen in Ohio, Opioid.

As a Director in the RU Ministry and to all co laborers in RU, we are in a time where the addicted community are as the harvest in Matthew 9:37. Many people see a losing battle here in Ohio and across America with the “opioid epidemic”. May I encourage us all that “greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.” To RU chapters all across America may we seek the power from Almighty God to use the current “opioid epidemic” to, “open their eyes, and turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins.” Acts 26:18. I believe now is the time to stock up on RU brochures and tracts and posters and really “Ramp Up” our outreach in local chapters. This is a time to pound the pavement and start doing some footwork like never before. Here in our chapter, we set out every Thursday in small groups. We have opened Saturday soul winning times to include RU outreach. Our teens are chaperoned every Wednesday night (prior to service) to go door to door. Our back pockets need to be filled at all times with RU literature and we need to seize every opportunity the Holy Spirit provides to reach out.

By the grace of God, I’ve been set free from drug/opiate addiction. I notice a common ground addicts share and that is…they’re tired. They’re done living the life that constantly depends on the next high to keep them able to function. They’re done with not having any control over any area of life (Principle #9). I believe as I felt when I was the old me, that a large majority of opiate addicts no longer have the same desires that put them in where they are today. I believe a majority are, as I was, ready for a change but just don’t know where to go. RU….. Let’s go get them! In recent months I’ve seen a difference in how our community is responding to this crisis. One thing we as Americans are known well for is that when our friends and family are dying by the thousands to the enemy we pull together. Let’s be there with a formula, formula for freedom that is! Thank you all at RU for your faithfulness. My family and I are forever grateful for you and your passion for reaching the addicted community.

In Christ,
Chris David

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  1. I so enjoyed the truth you stated about the RU attack on addictions. I can see your heart for those wrapped up by satans tools of control. Keep up the good work there..praying for you all here in Florida at the Tomoka State Prison in Daytona Beach, Fl.

    Dr Gary Bane
    Volunteer Chaplain/RU Director
    Deland, Florida

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