Opioid Addiction Recovery – A Testimony

My testimony of opioid addiction recovery through RU should have been told many years ago.

I use to attend RU meetings in either of 2 cities in Ohio, but I was non-committal to both the groups and the actual curriculum. I enjoyed the testimonies and people there but was mostly just feeling good about attending meetings on Friday nights so I could tell people on Sunday that I did that too.

Meanwhile, I was not admitting to my growing opioid addiction. Subconsciously, I think I may have gone RU thinking that it would dispel thoughts of my possible addiction, but instead, I began to feel convicted. Not only was I realized that I had an addiction to pain pills, but also how far away I was from God.

I decided I would try and do the RU program the way it was designed to be done. I began working in the Strongholds course and doing the Daily Journal. I actually like doing the journaling, as I had done some of that in the past, but little did I know that the “daily” part of writing in that journal was forming a super-meaningful time with the Lord.

I had been in church most of my life, so I didn’t think the Strongholds course would have anything that I had not seen or heard before. But in its biblical simplicity, I was surprised and enlightened as to how walking IN the Spirit was going to be the key to success- in all parts of my life!

Today, I can’t imagine where I would be in my life without the RU program. God used It to free me from opioid addiction and taught me a true way of discipleship so I would better know my Savior.

The Opioid Addiction Epidemic continues to rage in communities across America. Hope, Recovery is available! Faith-Based Recovery Programs work! You can learn more about RU Recovery Ministries and the Faith-Based Approach by clicking here.

To learn more about our Residential Program click here.

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