To Mislead Is Always Easier Than To Reveal A Misdeed!

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Proverbs 27:6 Dissected & Defined

Faithful (consistent) are the wounds (injuries) of a friend, but the kisses (external affection) of an enemy are deceitful (misleading).

Daily-Devo Paraphrase

This proverb is easy to understand but hard to accept. We are better off having people that are honest coaching our character than we are having misleading people puffing us up with great words of admiration.

Of course, we know that honesty is always the best policy, but honesty is not always polite policy! It is easier to share something positive, even if it is misleading than it is to be bold and blunt with those you care about.
But the truth of this verse is much more “Hidden” than that. A wound will pierce your flesh and expose your “inner man.” A kiss will only entice the flesh of man. The former will challenge their spirit to do what is right, but the latter will excite them in the emotions of their soul. That’s a gory flesh glory!

It’s Easy to Mislead

We know the response to our rebuke could fizzle, and the response to our affection would sizzle. So it’s much easier to go with the sure-fire response. To mislead is always easier than to reveal a misdeed! Yes, a cutting wound is the only true response to a friend. For if we have a weakness and it remains unknown, we will be only poisoned by our deceptive promoters.

Thus Solomon concludes that if someone is more willing to mislead you with insincere flattery than honest views of reality than that person is not your friend. That person is your enemy!

I’d rather have a Peter who will cut off my ear than a Judas who kisses my cheek.

Who’s playing the Judas in your life?

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