Marla: Story of a Victorious Life

For many years, I had what the world would call, “The Perfect Family.”  My husband and I both trusted Christ as our Savior when we were children.  We had a large, beautiful home, and were quite successful.

In spite of all that I had accomplished on my own, I was absolutely miserable.  On the outside, everything looked great!  But on the inside, I was dead.  Things and people were no longer making me happy. I used prescribed pain medications to dull the pain and agony that dwelt in my heart (which only enhanced my performance, making me look better with my more “stable” demeanor).

My church started an RU chapter that I faithfully attended for two years, but I still wasn’t getting it.  I finally agreed to enter RU’s women’s discipleship program.  I immediately began to experience freedom.  I was at a place where people loved me, just as I was, sin and all.

The devil however, had plans for me…he didn’t like the strength that I was finding in God.  Four months later, through the rebellion not yet purged out of my heart, I yielded to temptations and fell hard.  Fortunately, God, through His great love, didn’t quit on me.  He went after me like that lost sheep that went astray.  He opened my eyes, and I truly repented.

Unfortunately, it was too late.  I lost everything, including my family.  God made it clear after almost five months of brokenness that He wanted me back at Reformers Unanimous.  I quickly obeyed…no turning back.

God has done nothing but bless and develop me “in Christ” ever since.  Not only has he filled my gaping hole; but He has begun, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, to heal my broken heart and life.  He continuously teaches me that there is not one person that will love me, sin and all, the way God does.  Yet, I can love others the way Christ loves me, which I am learning is more rewarding than being loved.

I praise the Lord for a church and a pastor that displays such Christ-like love to accept “rejects” like me.  For now I know that to accept that I am a reject is a lie straight from the pit of hell.  I’m a child of the King.  He’s got everything under control.

– Marla, Illinois

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