Local RIP Praise Report: Miracle in the Legal System

We have a woman that was reached for Christ through our jail ministry about 18 months ago. She was recently facing 3-7 years in the Department of Corrections. The attorneys research showed what a dramatic change that God had made in her lifestyle. The states attorney reduced the charges so she could receive probation instead of prison and the Judge was completely in FAVOR of the decision.

She is on probation to our RU class for two years, We get her for 100 hours of community service, weekly counseling sessions, an anger management course to be taught by me and I have been designated by the court to do her drug testing also using the RU Plus System to report to the probation department.

Only our God could accomplish all these miracles in her life–FAVOR!

After all the legalities were completed the Judge made some wonderful open court statements for the record concerning Reformers Unanimous, and what is being accomplished in Knox County through our Reformers Institutional Program, and chaplaincy ministries. FAVOR was definitely shown to me and our RU Chapter here yesterday.

God bless you as you share the blessing of this miracle.

Dr Gary Bane, Pastor
Prairieland Baptist Church
Galesburg, IL

If you or someone know is interested in ministering to the incarcerated we have a full line of curriculum (click here) and Jeremy Amster would be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can reach him at 815-986-0460 ext. 124 or by emailing weneedu@reformu.com

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