Living A Righteous Life

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 Proverbs 2:9 Dissected & Defined

Then shalt thou understand righteousness (Holy Spirit submission), and judgment (right thinking), and equity (justice or, right decisions); yea, every good path.

Daily-Devo Paraphrase

This verse is the concluding benefits listed for those who search after wisdom with the zeal listed in verses 1-8. I urge you to go back to our first two months of Daily Devo’s on chapter two to reinforce the conclusion of these passages.

Living A Righteous Life is the “Hidden Life”

The Word Righteousness, when Referred to as “A Way of Living,” is Describing what I Call the “Hidden Life.”

Living A Righteous Life is Submission to the Holy Spirit

When our soul is in submission to the Holy Spirit. That is righteousness. It means that every good work in your life is an act of Christ in you. Solomon is telling us that when we obtain the fear of the Lord we will understand how to live under God’s power rather than our own. 

He explains that we will understand judgment. That is “right thinking.” When the Spirit is ruling our hearts, we will enjoy Philippians 4:8 thoughts. This is the right way of thinking.

The final benefit is that we will understand equity. Equity is a synonym for justice. Justice is defined as “right decisions.” We will know, under the Spirit’s leading, how to make wise decisions during times of urgent need. 

What great benefits come with a healthy fear (or respect) of God! We will come to know God’s way of working within us, and it will lead us to follow the Spirit, think right thoughts, and make good decisions. 

These benefits will take us down the good path. That is to say, a path that is blessed by God. A path that brings down good gifts and perfect gifts. They come from above.

When a fear of the Lord is lifted up, that which is beneficial will reign down. I know so many who wish to have God’s power on their life, but they refuse to yield to His inner persuasion. They think wrong and make bad decisions. Then, they sit back and fear failure. 

I have a better idea. Let’s fear God and forsake all our failure, for He will never fail!

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