Letters to RU

Recently, we received two letters – one from an RU Director and the other from an incarcerated student. These letters were a blessing to us. Let us know if they were a blessing to you as well!

Letter #1:

Dear RU Family,

Here is a letter from a young man who has been greatly blessed by God’s RU ministry in the Howard Cty detention center.

Because of Andy’s good behavior, he is part of a Work Detail group and is granted some liberty outside the jail.  He and other men are then allowed to attend our local RU Friday night meeting.  We have watched Andy grow so much and as with all these men, we explain how necessary it is for them to continue growing in the Lord as they adjust to freedom in the world.

We cannot thank you enough for the blessing of being part of RU.  It has meant so much to me personally and to our church.  May God continue to bless you!

Letter #2: 

I want to start off saying that I am thankful to be where I am (jail)  today because the Lord has not only blessed me with another day but with a loving family and caring NEW friends who want me to stay in the Lord’s path.  I was walking in darkness this time last year, even while in jail.

Then I started the RU program, brought in by Trinity Baptist Church (Big Spring, TX), and my life began to change.  I never thought I would be able to understand scripture, and now I do! It’s an amazing feeling and makes me want to give Him the glory for working in me.

I will return to my fiancé and children, but more importantly, we will continue to follow God, which means church and the RU program.  I now love God, and He loves me!  I thank the Lord for giving me a second chance at living a life for Him.

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