RU Recovery Ministries Receives a Commendation from the Ohio State House of Representatives for Faith-Based Recovery

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ROCKFORD, IL – RU Recovery Ministries recently during its annual Recovery Banquet to raise awareness for Faith-Based Recovery recently received a commendation. The commendation was signed by Ohio State Representative Ron Young of Ohio’s 61st District. A Letter of Commendation was presented by his assistant Bob Reed to RU Recovery Ministries. Receiving the Letter of Commendation on behalf of RU Recovery Ministries was Benjamin Burks International Director of RU Recovery Ministries. The Commendation recognizes the work of RU Recovery Ministries bringing hope to the addicted through proven faith-based methods. It is a recognition not only of the work that takes place at the headquarters of RU in Rockford, IL but also the valiant efforts of volunteers and staff that work in local RU Chapters all across Ohio and the United State. Below is a download of that Letter of Commendation for you to read, print, or share.

DOWNLOAD: Letter of Commendation from the Ohio State Legislator

Below is the text of the letter.

The General Assembly of the State of Ohio

House of Representatives


I am pleased to pay tribute to RU Recovery Ministries during their 2018 Recovery Conference in Rockford, Illinois.

President Trump has declared our country to be in a state of emergency, and the work of RU Recovery Ministries is more imperative now than ever.

Since its establishment in 1996 under the leadership of Steve Curington and Pastor Paul Kingsbury, RU Recovery has provided a pathway to freedom from the bondage of addiction for thousands across the country. As a proven faith-based addiction-recovery ministry, this fine organization fills a need that local governments and communities cannot fulfill, and with over 50 chapters in the State of Ohio, it has touched the lives of many Ohioans from every walk of life.

All those associated with RU Recovery Ministries have consistently ministered to the spirit of the individual, and they are to be commended for their foresight, dedication, and selfless donations of time, energy, and ability far beyond what was required or expected. These fine people have earned the respect and admiration of many and have set an example of concerned and responsible citizenship that is worthy of emulation.

Thus, with sincere applause, I show my gratitude to RU Recovery Ministries and extend best wishes for the years to come.

Honorable Ron Young
State Representative Ohio’s 61st House District

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