Leaders Maintain Freedom By Having Boundaries

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Proverbs 28:2 Dissected & Defined

For the transgression (violated boundary) of a land many are the princes (leadership) thereof: but by a man of understanding (knowledge applied) and knowledge (instruction gained) the state (condition) thereof shall be prolonged.

Daily-Devo Paraphrase

This verse teaches a basic law of leadership. The word law means “rule of conduct.” So, this is a rule of conduct for maintaining a level of leadership.

Leadership Has Boundaries In Life

Solomon is teaching that leaders may negotiate their boundaries in life. Some of them are rules of law, but others are simply standards of conduct. Nevertheless, these boundaries are to be obeyed and never violated. He is going to experience a leadership breakdown When a leader disobeys a God-ordained boundary. The more this happens, the more leadership change occurs. Our verse teaches that a country violating God-ordained boundaries regularly will rotate its rulers often. 

Boundaries Are Hard To Obey

On a more personal note, boundaries are difficult barriers to obey. I wished I could be out from under the strict boundaries of my Christian home and school when I was a child. The rules of my church seemed to confine me rather than refine me. I would get as close to my boundaries as possible with hopes of rebelling against them when my monitors were not alert. I wanted freedom!

Exchanging Boundaries For Bondage

However, what I never realized in my young life was that you only exchange boundaries for bondage. When I violated my boundaries, trespassing the laws of God and man. Cords of sin soon bound me. I lost my capability to lead, as a follower destined to have no hopes of fulfillment in my personal or professional life. What a miserable lifestyle choice I made. 

Boundaries Measure True Freedom

I have since learned that boundaries measure true freedom. When I stay within my God-given or leadership-led boundaries in my life, I have felt greater consistency in my life and my work. This consistency has turned my life around from an unemployable wanderer to a consistent leader of a large staff for a lengthy period of time now. I have learned that when I transgress, I experience a leadership regress!


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