Jailed On Drug Possession “God had a Bigger Reason.”

This short, yet powerful testimony of a inmate who was jailed on drug possession was recently received at the RU office in Rockford, Illinois. May this be a reminder to all of you who serve God in various ministries that your labor is NOT in vain!

Thanks be to God that I am now a fruit-bearing Christian! I came to Union County jail for a reason, and that reason was crime, but God had a bigger reason! Shortly after being jailed on drug possession, I learned about the RU Inside program held by Director Robert Coleman of Welcome Baptist Church and I haven’t looked back since!

I began with a burning desire to be free from drugs and alcohol, but that has been washed over with a bigger desire to walk in the Spirit and please God!! I now have a real belief that I can live in victory over sin (not sinless), but humbly accepting God’s grace to carry me through this life.

The Bible sums it up for us all, and so I will ask Him to help me love Him with all my heart, and then show His love to all around me.
Praise the Lord for RU, and the people there that have become my family!

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