How to Pray in the Spirit Part 3 — God Led Prayer

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Continuing on about how to pray in the Spirit, Paul says in Romans 8:26, “…but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us.” Thank God for that blessed conjunction but, we have an inability to produce results in prayer, and we don’t know what to pray; but the Holy Spirit makes intercession for us. Great, but what does that mean? I’m glad you asked, let’s look at the different aspects of praying in the Spirit.

God Led Prayer

[su_pullquote]Acknowledge your inability to produce results, the fact you don’t know how to pray. Ask for His help, His guidance, and listen to what He has to say.[/su_pullquote]The amazing thing about partnering with God is you always know what to pray when to pray, and how long to pray for if you’re letting God lead. Martyn Lloyd-Jones said,

[su_quote cite=”Martyn Lloyd-Jones”]Always respond to every impulse to pray. The impulse to pray may come when you are reading or when you are battling with a text. I would make an absolute law of this – always obey such an impulse.[/su_quote]

You see God is omniscient, meaning He knows everything so rather than bringing the same prayer list you have been bringing for twenty years to Him ask Him what to pray for. No other relationship in the universe survives on 1-way communication, you have to listen. So why is it that we talk to God, and ask Him questions then don’t wait for an answer? God wants to tell you what to pray for why don’t we start letting Him.


Praying in the Spirit is a lot like having a baby! The Holy Spirit impregnates our minds with holy passions, desires, and prayer burdens. Then as a midwife praying in us, and through us, He births the prayer burden into being. Oswald Chambers said, “Is the Son of God praying in me, or am I dictating to Him?….Prayer is not simply getting things from God, that is a most initial form of prayer; prayer is getting into perfect communion with God. If the Son of God is formed in us by regeneration, He will press forward in front of our common sense and change our attitude to the things about which we pray.” Jonathan Edwards similarly said, “The true spirit of prayer is no other than God’s own Spirit dwelling in the hearts of the saints. And as this Spirit comes from God, so doth it naturally tend to God in holy breathings and pantings. It naturally leads to God, to converse with Him by prayer.”

Words are Overrated

Newsflash, prayer does not require you to say a thing words are way overrated in prayer. For instance, sometimes we don’t know what to say, sometimes God is trying to talk to us, sometimes God is searching our hearts. The Psalms state, “Be still, and know that I am God” we don’t have to talk all the time. In America with our TV, Movies, Radios, Internet, Text Messaging, etc. We feel as if we must always have noise going, and be communicating. It would scare the average Christian to death to just hang out with the Lord without it being in their planner, with an agenda, a prayer list etc. What happened to just having a relationship with God? That is what the Holy Spirit can accomplish through you perfect communion with God no words required. Just bringing us into a “spirit of prayer”.

 Since “words are overrated” may be a controversial statement, let’s hear from some of the great prayer warriors of the past:

[Tweet ““It is better to have prayer without words, than words without prayer.” — E.M. Bounds”]

[Tweet “In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart.” — John Bunyan”]

[Tweet “The fewer the words, the better the prayer.” — Martin Luther”]

So today let’s start listening to God, and letting Him lead you in prayer, acknowledge the Holy Spirit in the prayer closet. Acknowledge your inability to produce results, the fact you don’t know how to pray. Ask for His help, His guidance, and listen to what He has to say.


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