How to Avoid Hurting Other People’s Feelings

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Proverbs 6:14 (Dissected and Defined):

Frowardness (unyielding) is in his heart, he deviseth (schemes) mischief (intentional injury) continually; he soweth discord.

Daily Devo Paraphrase:

He is unyielding in his meditator. In case you haven’t realized it by now, Solomon places great priority and responsibility on our meditator. That is our heart. It’s what we think. It is the “joystick” that determines to whom I will yield. If my heart is leaning toward the wishes of my soul (my mind, will, and emotions) then my joystick will take me in that direction. But, I will be stuck with no joy! If my heart is leaning in the direction of my Spirit, then I will do as my Spirit (God’s mind, will, and emotions) tells me.

Hurting the Feelings of Others

The naughty and wicked person stubbornly refuses to allow his “joystick” to be under the Power of his Spirit. He is not willing to yield or comply to that still, small voice.

He is constantly scheming intentional injury. “Deviseth mischief” is similar to the New Testament word for malice found in Ephesians 4:31 “…with all malice.” According to that verse, this person of malice has filled his heart prior to his malice with bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, and evil speaking. The natural outgrowth of such heart meditations is the desire to physically harm others.

He sows discord. The naughty and wicked person seems to leave problems wherever he goes. This is the opposite of the fruit of the Spirit, Meekness. He is unable to negotiate amongst God’s people without causing friction. Friction is his supposed friend. He believes he is right and others are wrong. Thus, his discord is his delight.

You might be appalled at the thought of being categorized by God as a naughty or wicked person. But, if your heart’s meditations are stubborn, if you are filled with bitter considerations, or if you create friction rather than reduce it, you may just find your name on that list.

Be sure you are “checking that list and checking it twice.” Santa isn’t the only one who finds out who’s been naughty or nice!

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