Hello. My name is Kim. Let me tell you my story…

I was initially introduced to RU when I was placed in jail for my 3rd DUI.  Before that, I had tried many programs, but nothing seemed to have any kind of long-lasting results.   I felt empty, worthless, and was very lost in my addiction to alcohol and cocaine.

At that time, God was just Someone I talked to when I was in trouble.  Once things calmed down, I’d be on my own way again.

There were some Bible studies offered at the jail, so when the RU program was offered, I signed up for it, too.  The RU leaders introduced themselves along with their testimonies, and how the RU program had positively impacted their lives.

This was the first time I had ever thought about turning to God to help me with my addiction.  Up until then, I would only pray to get out of problems.

As I studied and began to apply the principles that I learned at RU, I got the courage to get saved (AMEN!)  I really felt like God was with me and I began writing down all the insights He was giving me through His Word and I was getting more excited all the time to discover more!

God is the great Healer and He began to do that very thing within me.  The RU curriculum took me through the steps of getting saved and right into a walk that was growing in faith.  The other women in the jail all seemed to notice, and soon I had many others who wanted me to write down their prayer requests, and I would have them join me in prayer.

Let me just say that the Lord began answering these women’s prayers, and I was there to not only witness it but give Him all the praise!

I will joyfully serve my sentence, knowing that this is His will for my life right now and that the future holds so much more!

I am so blessed to be found.  Praise God!

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