Remedy for a Fruitless Life

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Proverbs 10:5 (Dissected and Defined)

He that gathereth in summer is a wise son: but he that sleepeth in harvest is a son that causeth shame.

Daily Devo Paraphrase

Solomon was a hard worker. He writes often of his disgust for the slothful (lazy) and the sluggard (procrastinators). Father God has the same disgust toward his slumbering children.

Our verse tells of two sons. One gathered all summer. He cultivated, nurtured, and developed with diligence his crop. He could expect a bountiful harvest. That was wise. The second son was not so wise.  He was lazy. He made his mandatory investments into his crop during the summer (probably out of a duty to his father). But when the time came to gather the crop, he was nowhere to be found.  He spoiled his harvest.

Two sons—two Christians. Both have the same Father, but one son is wise and one son brings shame. The wise son diligently works to cultivate, nurture, and develop that which God has given him.  He is a wise steward of the seeds that have been planted into his life.

The other son is a shame to his Father. Can you see Him hang His head in disappointment?  This son was “conforming by performing.” He did his duty all summer because people were watching.  But when the harvest came and nobody was around, he ceased his labor. He lazily quit “trying hard to do better” in his own power.

Sadly, many Christians are MIA when the harvest comes. The reason is simple. It is because during the hot days of summer they labor not out of love for the impending harvest. They labor out of duty for those who demand their service. But since they are doing it in their own power they get burned out. The outward man perishes and so does the harvest they were intending to cultivate.

Many want to bear fruit but cannot bear the harvest. Why can we not bear the harvest?  Because we cannot bear the summer labor. Why? Because our walk with God is weak, so His work on our behalf is even weaker. Thus we have to do it all in our own power. So, son one bears fruit. Son two is bare of fruit. To have cake and eat it too, you’ll have to bear a fruit cake!

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