Former Latin King Gang Member Finds Victory over Heroin Through Faith-Based Recovery and the RU Recovery Program

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Hi, my name is Bob, I would like to tell you a little about myself and RU Recovery Ministries. I was born on the West side of Bridgeport Connecticut. I’ve been a heroin addict since the age of (13), about forty years. Looking back, even in the beginning, it wasn’t fun. The devil told me it was fun; however, I paid a horrendous price, right from the beginning. My addiction took me many places, mostly prisons, (probably half my life in maximum security) institutions, and many other devil controlled places. It brought me down to utter depravity, misery, and rock bottom. It turned a little, young, nice boy, who always wanted to be a God fearing, decent human being, into anything but. I was a public enemy. That’s where my addiction took me. I became the second highest ranking Latin King, gang member, in the State of Connecticut.

If it weren’t for my wife, who was my guarding angel, who saw something good in me, long before I ever did and my mother who prayed for and stuck by me constantly, I’ve wouldn’t have made it. These two ladies are the loves of my life. Thank you, Lord! In the end, I would sit in my window, usually in a pool of blood as my veins left me a long time ago and I couldn’t get the stuff in, I would bleed, cry, and look at people outside my window. I would wonder why I couldn’t be like them, what was wrong with me? You see, at the beginning of my drug use, I didn’t want to be like them squares! Oh but that’s all I wanted to be always, just normal! What’s wrong with me? I lived a lie, not knowing the truth.

All through the years I’ve tried every program there was and nothing worked for me; not jail or the threat thereof. Nothing worked and I believed the great lie of the devil, “once an addict always an addict.” The devil’s condemnation made me believe that. Worse yet; he made me believe that I can handle it! This was the way God wanted me to be. This was my calling, to be an addict. I lived in misery and self-hate. All lies! Yes, the devil’s condemnation had me believing these lies straight from the pit of hell.

Then I found hope in the RU Recovery Program! I found the truth, and the truth made me free! This faith-based Addictions Program taught me this truth: that only Jesus can forgive my sins and break the devil’s strongholds on my life. Jesus is my Higher Power and I’m not afraid to admit that fact. I’ve learned so much from RU Recovery Ministries. I’ve changed for the better by leaps and bounds! I’ve learned how God wants me to live my life. This is pretty important stuff for me today. I’ve become a decent human being. I don’t eat breakfast till I’ve done my Bible work, using my Journal, every day it’s, God & I Time first.

I love the RU Recovery Program. I believe God can use it to overcome any kind of addiction and sin. It’s a Discipleship course with wonderful Principles. Reformers Unanimous transformed my life and believe me, if it could do that for me, after 40 years of enslavement, totally bound, all my life, by these stronghold’s, IT CAN DO IT FOR ANYONE! “IF THE SON THEREFORE SHALL MAKE YOU FREE, YE SHALL BE FREE INDEED.”

I AM SMILING FROM EAR TO EAR NOW BECAUSE I AM FREE! Today God is blessing my family and I. Thank you, Lord! Thank You, RU Recovery Ministries, for the privilege to help others! Thank you, Jesus!