The Cure for Foot in Mouth Disease

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Proverbs 29:11 Dissected & Defined

A fool (one who knows right, but chooses wrong) uttereth (speaks) all his mind: but a wise man (skilled in living) keepeth it in till afterwards.

Daily-Devo Paraphrase

Foot in Mouth Disease

This verse is self-explanatory and quite believable. How many of us have played the fool with our quick wit, only to find ourselves inflicted with ‘foot in mouth’ disease? Foot in mouth disease is when someone puts their foot in their mouth so often that it makes them sick!

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My pastor is the meekest man I have ever met in my life. Our RU Discipleship Course teaches that meekness is to negotiate amongst people without causing friction. Where is that in most of our churches today?

This seems to be a fruit that has gone rotten in many Christian circles. The sad truth is that the fool who speaks all his mind—and regularly—without thought of others is doing this despite his better judgment. Remember what constitutes a fool. 

A fool is not someone who does not know better. That is what Proverbs refers to as a simple man. He is naive and innocent. Not so with a fool. A fool is “someone who knows right but chooses wrong.” 

When faced with opportunities to yield to the Spirit of meekness, a fool will consider his preferences. He cares not for the preference of God’s Spirit. Instead, he is under soul control. He wants to pacify an emotion, submit to his stubborn will, or engage his intellectual brainstorm! This “mind utterance” brings him temporal happiness, but quenches his Spirit’s intuitive leading. When he refuses to yield to Holy Spirit promptings, they weaken, and his interpersonal skills simply grow worse and worse until he is unbearable!

Yes, it is best to consider what the Spirit would have us to do. As I have watched my pastor over the years, I have seen him speak up when what is right was challenged and hold his peace when wrong was certainly the chosen direction of his stubborn sheep. 

However, even though my pastor is quick to offer advice when requested and even cry out when overwhelmed with necessary Truth, I have never ceased to be amazed at how loud he speaks when he stoically remains…silent!

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