Avoiding Dead Ends — Following God’s Prompting Spirit

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Proverbs 4:14 (Dissected and Defined)

Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not in the way of evil men (mischief).

Daily-Devo Paraphrase

Every summer, I spend nine weeks or more traveling with my family and the Joy Belles—ladies from our Ladies Discipleship Home. We raise support for the ladies home and host evangelistic meetings in churches around the nation.

Our travels require many maps. To aid me in my feat of leading this entourage, I invested in a GPS (Global Positioning System) that I installed on my cell phone. All I needed to do was to punch in my desired destination, and the GPS would tell me exactly how to get to where I was going.

When I yielded to my GPS’s every prompting, it got me to my destination. But sometimes, I seemed to think that we could take a better route; a shortcut if you will. Every time I ignored the leading of the GPS, it was shortly followed by a U-turn; or I would find myself on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere!

God’s Prompting Spirit

In each of us, we have a spiritual GPS. We will call it God’s Prompting Spirit! He gives us leadings and directions. Likewise, it is up to us to follow those leadings and to submit to His navigational system.

God’s Prompting Spirit will never lead me into the path of an evil man. He would never give me directions that would bring me to the way of a wicked man.

Though I have an obligation when I see these types of people (evil men) on my road in life to give them directions to the Way, the Truth, and the Life, I cannot take direction from them. My GPS has my route, and I must remain on it.

When I allow myself to be influenced by a way other than the One that God has designed to take me, I find myself going somewhere I didn’t want to go, staying longer than I wanted to stay, and get further delayed by my wrong road toward ruin.

Get Back on Track

So, I stop, and I make a U-IE! Then, my GPS will say, “You are now back on track.” Yes, I’m a little late and a bit behind, but I’m back on track.

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  1. This one kinda made me laugh.I think I remember that dirt road we were all on!Anyways,another great article Bro. Curington and I miss you all so very much.

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