Does Flattery Have A Place & Purpose?

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Proverbs 7:5 Dissected & Defined

That they (my words) may keep (protect) thee from the strange woman, from the stranger which flattereth with her words.

Daily-Devo Paraphrase

Definition of Flattery

Flatter is defined as praise that feeds self-love. We have defined previously that a strange woman or a strange man is someone who belongs to another. If they are married, they belong to their spouse. If they are single, they would belong to their dad and the Lord.

Avoiding Improper Flattery

Solomon is teaching his son to keep his advice concerning women. It will protect him from strange women who want to build his self-image These discontent women are looking to do for Solomon’s son what they should be doing for their Lord, their daddy, or their spouse. 

This book was written by a father to his son. So, the advice is angled toward the dangers of bad women to unsuspecting men. However, we know this pendulum swings both ways. 

But ladies, may I write this encouragement? Daddy is telling his son to follow his words and to reject the flattery of a dangerous woman. But, once this son marries and belongs to another, there are some words that would mean much more than his daddy’s. It is the flattering words of his wife.

Men Love It!

Solomon knew that men love flattery. Men like it when someone builds them up with praise. It is sad, but true, that when we let our spouses down, flattery is usually the first benefit of marriage that we lose. 

When this happens, the man (whose relationship with the Lord may be dwindling) will find himself searching for praise. He is discouraged and hopeful to please someone. I am not saying this is right, for it is surely wrong. But, I am saying it is sometimes true. 

As a result, if you remain unpleased with his slightest overtures to gain your flattery, then he may be tempted to look for it elsewhere. The devil knows this. He will make sure that man will find his flattery somewhere! 

So, I am telling the wives that flattery will get someone—somewhere. It’s supposed to be you! Use flattery to get your husband to be all that God wants him to be, and he will follow you around like a lost puppy dog.

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