Fearing God is of More Value than Wealth

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Proverbs 15:16 Dissected & Defined

Better is little with the fear of the LORD (a respect for what God can do) than great treasure (wealth) and trouble therewith (accompanying problems).

Daily-Devo Paraphrase

Every proverb has either an obvious or an obscure meaning. But whether the meanings are obvious or obscure, each and every proverb contains Hidden Life.

Fearing God

This proverb simply concludes that fearing God is of more value than wealth. We need no wise man to exclaim, much less explain this obvious and understood meaning. 

But the Hidden Truth of this proverb is much more obscure. For it speaks of a dependence on the great Dependable.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Wisdom, in the age of grace, is synonymous with the Holy Spirit. Thus, I can conclude that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of the Holy Spirit. 

I believe He is teaching us today that we can have little of this world’s goods, but as long as we respect God and what He can do, then we will have much! That “much” begins with having more of His Spirit. The more we have of His Spirit the more of God’s “personality” we will have in us and the more of God’s “power” we will have on us. And what He gives, He adds no sorrow with it!

Not so with the world’s riches. They bring manifold trouble therewith. The wealth of this world is accompanied by great problems. But, you will be absent of the great Problem Solver to make these problems worth “the weight of your gold!

Now that’s a Hidden Treasure! Fear It and you’ll find It.

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