Fear: The Spirit Filled Life’s Missing Ingredient

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Proverbs 9:10 (Dissected and Defined)

 “The fear (respect) of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom (Holy Spirit)…”

Daily-Devo Paraphrase

When I was 16 years old I received my driver’s license. However, I had no respect for the law or its enforcements. I foolishly thought that I could drive how I wanted; I lived for the moment.

However, the local police officers didn’t feel the same way. Once, twice, three times I was pulled over for speeding. The third time, my license was taken away from me.

My root problem was not that I had gotten caught. My root problem was that I did not have a “fear of the law.”

Proper Fear

This kind of fear is not fear of harm. Rather, the definition of the fear of the Lord is a respect for Who God is and what He can do to me or for me. It is a constant awareness that God knows all of me and holds me accountable for who I am and Whose I am!

In my older adult years, I have refrained from speeding because I have now developed a respect for the law. That is to say that I respect what the law can do to me and for me.

Similarly, my ability to allow the Spirit to live through me (that is Wisdom) is dependent on my developing a respect for God and what He can do to me or for me.

I want so desperately to be wise. I ask the Lord for Wisdom nearly every day, as James suggests. However, until we are willing to develop a healthy respect for who God is and for His Power in our lives, we will never be granted the power of that Wisdom, for the power of Wisdom is predicated upon our first developing our “fear factor for the Father.”

Know Fear

I see teenagers t-shirts that read No Fear! If I could, I would give them 3 seconds with a thrice Holy God and they will go from No Fear to Know Fear!

Respect is not something to reject. It is not something from which to run. It is something God rewards! Knowing Respect is the beginning of Wisdom, but No Respect is the beginning of foolishness.

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