False Gift: Expectation Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

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Proverbs 25:14 Dissected and Defined

Whoso boasteth himself (vaunts one’s self) of a false gift is like clouds and wind without rain.

Daily Devo Paraphrase

An expectation is a terrible thing to waste. The Bible says that “hope deferred maketh the heart sick.” Why does your meditator get sickened? Because of the anticipation of participation. You expect something to take place and it never happens.

Solomon relates this so called giver of gifts to a much-needed climate change. The people and their produce are in much need of rain. The clouds billow, the wind intensifies and the people wait patiently for what they have prayed. Only to find it soon passes over, offering nothing in return for your anticipation.

The False Gift

So is the person who claims to have something of great value for you only to let you anxiously wait for its arrival. Our excitement builds with great anticipation. But there will be nothing wrapped but consternation. We are astonished by the giver’s procrastination. But eventually, we realize, there’s no gift. This angel of light is not a giver of gifts at all! He is a taker. And he traffics in creating false hope. In fact, he feeds off your frenzy until you open your fruit basket of fury.

This is the story of the revealed life. It is the Angel of Light’s alternative to the Hidden Life. You see, Satan promises great joy and happiness, only to lead the poor “hard working” Christian to a life of frustration and fury. We work hard “for the Lord” rather than “in the Lord” and payday never comes. There is no reward, no blessing and no gift from God. We are left disappointed in our worship, our work, and our walk.

No, thanks. Keep my gift “Hidden.” I’ll find it on my own.

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