Faith-Based Recovery Inside Prison

Most of my childhood, I was raised in a Christian home. We were always in a church until my parents started backsliding and drinking. Quickly, the booze became more important than anything, including going to church.

I knew at a young age and without a doubt, that I had a Heavenly Father who loved me dearly. I accepted Jesus into my heart as my personal Savior and as I prayed I remember feeling the Lord’s presence – even throughout my dysfunctional childhood. All I knew was chaos. My parents fought all the time, and sometimes my mom would leave for days. She started taking prescription drugs in mass amounts and varieties and literally could not function.

I was 13 years old when I found my mom had died in her bedroom. It was an accidental overdose, but to me, it felt like she did it on purpose – to leave me. My life was drastically altered for the worse.

I began using drugs at age 18. I’m now 28. The last 10 years have been nothing but a downward spiral of pills, shooting heroin, and multiple trips to jail—all drug-related. I have now been in jail for a year.

I can see now that this last arrest saved my life, and I thank God for His love and mercy, which was the divine intervention to my self-destruction. From my childhood I have believed that the Lord has a plan for me – I just chose not to follow Him.

I have now rededicated my life to the Lord and now ask that He show me that plan He has for me. I will not only call myself a Christian but, now, I will live like one.

Thank you, Jesus, for everything you have done for me – especially paying the penalty for my sins when you died on the cross. Amen.

– Angie

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  1. I am happy for Angie. I like her testimony. I was never really into drugs or alchohol, but I watched my family fall apart and become dysfunctional. I lived with my grandparents who were Christian and lived for Christ. But I also lived nextdoor to my alcoholic and dysfunctional father. I grew up horribly. But God got me thru it all
    Keep following Christ

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