Directors Report 8-20-2014

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*The Recovery Conference- “Radical Restoration”

Many of you have already determined to be with us on October 27-30. We look forward to you arriving for this exciting conference. Each and every day more and more plans are being made to help this become a very profitable conference for everyone that attends. This is a pivotal year as we will introduce several new programs that will make an impact on the addicted around the world. These programs include RU-365, Full Throttle, Premier Chapter Organization, RU-Inside, and many more subjects that you will not want to miss!

Register today for the conference by visiting

Energize Your RU Advertising


Advertising Sale

We are currently offering a special of 40% off on the 1000 piece Break the Chains Advertising set. This comes out to a final cost of only 9 cents per piece!

I would like to encourage every one to pursue the furtherance of the RU chapters by distributing more literature. Here in Rockford, we have five methods that we use to instill in the heart of leadership and students our need to advertise.

  1. Each Friday night we pass the offering plates, reminding our attendees that the Lord provides for our free literature not from the church budget, but rather through the donations and contributions of RU members. The Bible teaches us that “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” As your members give toward this weekly offering, their hearts will be drawn toward advertising as well.
  2. We have a table on Friday night displaying all the advertising materials in bulk.
  3. We ask our members to participate in the Untold Addicts program by filling envelopes with 7 brochures each and during announcements, request commitments to pass them out during the week as the Lord gives opportunity.
  4. Once a month we put out RU literature on Sunday and make an announcement asking the church family to take part by handing out Break the Chains advertising materials.
  5. Every month we schedule a “The Battle is On” strategy in which everyone is welcome to participate in a group evangelism effort that gets advertisement on the street. If you are a new director and do not know about “The Battle is On,” please call me or Brother Jiles; we will be more than happy to share it with you.

It has been amazing to see how over 13 years, God has used the RU advertising material to reach lives that are crippled by addictions. How often we hear the testimony of how they are finally made free all simply because someone took the effort to pass out advertising literature!

Prayer Requests

  • Continued health and healing for Pastor Kingsbury.  Thank you so very much for your prayers thus far; we believe he has recovered about 75%, but still has a ways to go.
  • Wisdom and length of days for our staff to complete projects in preparation for The Recovery Conference.
  • Please join us in praying that the Lord will send the right students to our Men’s Discipleship Home to fill the empty beds.
  • Wisdom for the authorities in Ferguson, MO.
  • Wendy Burks’ mother is having heart Cauterization on Thursday of this week, please remember her in prayer.
  • Establishment of new chapters in South Africa on a missionary trip schedule for Dr. Kingsbury and I, on November of this year.


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