Directors Report 7-16-2014

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RU – Big Announcement!

Today the staff of Reformers Unanimous will preview the new look of RU.  This launches the revolution of our logo and colors, and will be an exciting new tool for your local outreach efforts.  These changes will simplify and maximize the ministry in many ways.  I believe the new look will directly and positively impact every chapter.  The official launch will take place at the 2014 National Conference, and this is just another great reason for every chapter to have strong attendance.  The Recovery Conference takes place October 27th – 30th here in Rockford, IL.  Register your group today!

The Battle is On

Summertime is a very busy time for families and every person in ministry at a local New Testament Church.   It is also harvest time.  “The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few.”

Recently I had calls from three different chapters who have low attendance each week.  Their weekly visitor count has completely diminished.  As I talked with each director, I jotted down a few thoughts that I would like to share with you.  When you go through slumps in attendance, and particularly drawing in visitors:

EMPLOY:  Employ your RU workers and students, and your local church, to hand out tracts and posters.  I encourage each director to have a special Sunday morning and evening emphasis for RU materials.  Display all your tracts and posters, and make an announcement from the pulpit asking the church to help spread the word about the best-kept secret in town that will help people overcome addictions.  Every Friday night ask your workers and students to take tracts with them.  At our chapter, we put together a packet of 7 tracts – one for each day of the week – that students can pass out.  We have done this for many years, and find it to be very effective in spreading the word about RU.   Each week, remind your leaders, workers, and students that empty seats need to be filled with those who desperately need help.

I also encourage you to get The Battle is On plan that Steve Curington wrote.  This will help you advertise your local chapter.   If you will employ the simple techniques of The Battle is On, God will give you the increase of visitors to your chapter.  (The Battle is On is part of the RU Leader’s Manual.  Use # SY-920 when ordering.)

DEPLOY:  Deploy workers to the courthouse two or three times each month to pass out RU Plus brochures.  (These can be purchased at  Use # SC-907 when ordering.) I also encourage you to have two visitation opportunities each month for RU workers and students to attend.  You can do this on Saturday mornings, or Tuesday or Thursday evenings.  Leaders can accompany students to reach out to those who are struggling so that they will come to the Friday night class.  Both of these activities will help you build relationships with your students and workers.  Use positive peer pressure to help absent students reconnect with their local chapter, and potential new students to find out more about your Friday night meetings.

DESTROY:  Destroy every fear and doubt that the devil places in your heart.  I am sick of Christians taking the path of least resistance!  March on.  Find a way.  Make a way.  Believe in your heart that God knows the addicted, and their families, who need RU.  RU does not need to be the best kept secret in your town!  It will take time.  It will take effort.  It will take sweat and labor.  It will take tears.  It will take prayer.  Place your hand on the plow and don’t look back!  Watch God open doors, and begin to send students to your chapter once again.

ENJOY:  Have a great time on Friday night!  Make it a fun and exciting time for your students.  Lose yourself, and lift up Christ.  It is one thing to get visitors to come; it is another thing entirely to keep visitors.  Often chapters have techniques to get visitors, but they lose them.  The primary reason is that there is no confidence in the director’s voice, or Second Talk is not being properly managed.  If you need any help for your local chapter – ideas to keep students coming week after week, ways to convert visitors into students – please call us!  We want to help.  Ask for Ben Burks or Ryan Jiles.  (815) 986-0460.  You may also email me directly:

As the summer heats up, let’s raise the bar:  Employ, Deploy, Destroy, and Enjoy the harvest that God gives to us.


RU Prayer Requests

  • Continued health and healing for Pastor Kingsbury.  Thank you so very much for your prayers thus far; we believe he has recovered about 75%, but still has a ways to go.
  • Wisdom and length of days for our staff to complete projects in preparation for The Recovery Conference.
  • Please join us in praying that the Lord will send the right students to our Men’s Discipleship Home to fill the empty beds.
  • Johnny Wildt – new director at K0001!  Please keep Bro Johnny in your prayers as he steps into his new role as our local chapter director, and also fills the Operations Management position left by Mitch Gowan.
  • Please pray for Pastor Cameron Giovanelli; this is his last Sunday at Calvary Baptist Church in Dundalk, Maryland.  Pastor Giovanelli has accepted the role as vice president of Golden State Baptist College in Santa Clara, California.  We are thankful for his sincere friendship, Godly example, and love for the ministry of Reformers Unanimous over the last several years.  We look forward to a continuing friendship, and although he will be deeply missed by the RU family, we are excited to see what the Lord has in store for him as he transitions into this new role.  Please pray also for the congregation and new pastor at Calvary Baptist Church.

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