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This page contains documents for implementing recommended policies and systems in your local RU Chapter.

Fast Track Access Database​

PLEASE NOTE: This program will soon be replaced with a new app in development. The information you will find below will help you implement Fast Track which is currently a PC Windows only software that uses Microsoft Access to run. We currently are only offering limited support for this software and we will soon be launching a brand new piece of software that will be entirely run on the web as an app. This new OnTrack program will be accessible regardless of device or operating system. Stay tuned for more information.

About Fast Track

The purpose of the RU software is to track your student’s attendance and participation through the RU program.

Installing Your Software

To use this software you will need to have Microsoft Access 2007 or 2010 OR *free* Microsoft Access Runtime. If you do not own Microsoft Access, your ministry may qualify to get the entire Microsoft Office suite for $70 under Microsoft’s charitable licensing program – check with our local software reseller for details.

There is a known issue with the FastTrack Software and the 2016 Version of Microsoft Access. Because of its built-in security features when you first open up your Fast Track software in the 2016 Microsoft Access you might be met with a blank screen. Here is a step by step solution to this issue:

To get Microsoft Access Runtime Click Here! LINKS TO EXTERNAL WEBSITE

Note: Using the Runtime does have some limitations:

For basic FastTrack use, the Runtime will work adequately.

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