How to Die to Self in order to See God

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“Like Isaiah, I will never see THE Lord until MY king dies.”

Good Morning! Death is life’s greatest tragedy and eternity’s greatest penalty for those who are lost. But for those saved, death is not without its pain. Death hurts. I’ve heard it said that for Christians, life is a thrill, eternity is peaceful, but it’s the transition between the two that is troublesome! It’s true no one looks forward to it. We spend more time in our church prayer meetings trying to pray “Christians from having to enter heaven prematurely” than we do trying to pray “people into heaven”. For every prayer for an unsaved person, we often hear of many intercessory needs for a fellow believer that is health has left them most likely heaven bound.

The Beauty of Death

This is because death is marked by unwelcome but understandable separation, pain, and sorrow all mingled together. But, my friend, there is no cause for a mourning this morning, for in life, I want to show you the beautification of your own mortification.

Death Brings Life

You see, it is a bitter and cold death every winter that prepares the land for a vivid and living spring: new life! As well, the cruel cross upon which our Savior gave His life would not be so beautiful or wonderful for us without the knowledge of the resurrection of our Savior shortly after. So it is in our own personal lives. Though our own personal soul-ical death hurts and is emotionally painful, there is something wonderful waiting for us if we choose to submit to it.

Paul stated in First Corinthians, “I die daily.” Why did Paul see this need and requisition his own personal crucifixion? It is because Paul realized the explanation and signification of death, and he stated it only a few verses later in I Corinthians 15:36, “Thou fool, that which thou sowest is not quickened, except it die:” Paul’s life sown for others would not bring forth life unless he died to his wants, wishes, and desires. Others do not benefit from our life if we do not put them first and serve them above ourselves.

What is King in Your Life?

My friend, what is it that you are clinging to in your life that has a top priority and place on your life’s throne; for this IS your king! You have honored and revered it as such allowing it a preeminence that has hindered your ability to see your true King! Oh how shall you mourn when God demands “it’s time for that to die!”

Isaiah realized the importance of his country’s King—Ussiah. Isaiah adored him and gave him a very prominent place in his meditations. In essence, he worshipped King Uzziah. His focus was solely on this earthly king. But his love for this mere mortal hindered his view of the Lord. In Isaiah 6:1 he said in his very own words, “In the year that king Uzziah died I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple.”

It was only after the death of whom he worshipped on earth that Isaiah was able to clearly recognize the LORD and His rightful position. This Lord soon became prominent in Isaiah’s life. The devil will place counterfeit kings in our lives. Often it will be the king of self or someone else. But usually it is a coping mechanism that we “choose to use” to deal with disappointments. We must say as Paul said, “I die daily.”

Die to Self & Gain Adundant Life

When we die to self, we are quickened and resurrected as Christ, in Christ for Christ. Then, we can see our LORD high and lifted up as we watch Him work in and through us!

Are you trying or sighing? Stop lying; start dying; you’ll soon gain a sighting!

Today I Lay


Steve Curington

Seldom a day goes by that we are not faced with the opportunity to die to self. Most every believer recognizes his or her personal responsibility to put their own wishes and wants on the altar and to sacrifice himself for the cause of Christ. However, God expects much more than a daily dying to self in order to qualify for the power of His resurrection. This small book by Steve Curington explains the need that in order for us to experience this supernatural power on our lives, we must be willing to not only die for Christ, but to die with Him, be buried with Him, and then be raised to walk with Him as we engage in a regular evaluation of our death, burial, and resurrection.

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