Fools Despise Wisdom and Choose to Go Their Own Way

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Proverbs 23:9  Dissected and Defined

Speak not in the ears of a fool (knows right but chooses wrong): for he will despise the wisdom of thy words.

Daily Devo Paraphrase

This is a simply understood verse. Foolish people prefer their foolishness! I am sure you have seen this to be true in the fool’s you know and love. They reject rules, they reject soft persuasion and they reject your wise counsel and despise wisdom. Remember, a fool already knows what’s right, he just doesn’t want to do it! Your counsel convicts, especially when given in a soft manner (whispered).

Age of Wisdom

What would be the Hidden meaning of this verse? We have explained that in the age of the law, man accumulated knowledge in order to conform to an image of godliness. It was a deeper knowledge of the Law of Moses that would shape man from a barbarian to a civilized man; unwise to wise. So the more information he knew, the more wisdom he had.

Our Wisdom is Him

Wisdom is a skill in living. But during this age, this skill came from information. Today, this Wisdom comes from a personal relation. For in the age of grace, God wants to do His work through you in the form of His Holy Spirit.

Thus the skills necessary to live the life God has called us to comes from the indwelling Spirit within us and the occasional empowering of the Spirit falling upon us. Thus our wisdom is Him. Wisdom is the Holy Spirit!

Fools Despise Words of Wisdom

The “fool will despise the words of wisdom” means he despises the words of the Holy Spirit! Though they come in a soft persuasion (like a whisper in your ear), they will be rejected. That still small Voice contradicts what the foolish person desires. The fool remains unskilled in life because they despise wisdom. They know of Wisdom, but they refuse to utilize Him. They choose to go their own way and do it all in their own power.