Covetousness Conquered with a Covenant

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“I made a covenant with mine eyes; why then should I think upon a maid?” — Job 31:1

Job: A Man Of Integrity

Job was a man of integrity. In fact, four times in the book of Job his integrity is mentioned. The word integrity means honesty, soundness of moral character, an adherence to moral and ethical principles. When you look this word up in the 1828 dictionary it means wholeness; entireness; unbroken state.

I believe covetousness in a man’s heart will break down the process that leads a person to be a man and woman of integrity. As I looked at the life of Job, I see a man the lost nearly everything but his life; yet the story of his life is remarkable. You will be hard pressed to find covetousness in the life of Job, and one reason was how he protected his heart – by protecting his eyes.

Job’s Covenant With His Eyes

Job said he had made a covenant with his eyes. He made an agreement, an arrangement, a contract, a pact, a transaction, a promise, a vow or a pledge with his eyes. Eight hundred fifteen times the Bible speaks of the eyes or of looking. Covetousness always starts with the eyes.

The world knows that through the eyes they can get to your money. It is the key to marketing – “what the eyes cannot see, the heart cannot yearn for!” Satan is well aware of this my friend! He knows that through the eyes he can get to your dress standard. He knows that through the eyes he can get to your heart. If he gets to your heart, he can get to your mind. And if they can get to the mind they can get to your body. Many people are enslaved to this world because they have not made a covenant with their eyes.

I remember as a 16-year-old teenager going to a Preacher’s Fellowship meeting with the late Dr. Fred Brown. (What a servant of God!) We were sitting in a cafeteria in Winston-Salam, NC and Dr. Brown asked me what I was going to do with my life. I told him God’s call was on my life to preach the Word. I will never forget what happened next. Dr. Brown turned his chair around and leaned on the backrest and looked at me…eyeball to eyeball. He said, “Young man, you need to make a covenant with your eyes because there are three things that will destroy your work for God.” He proceeded to tell me those three things, using just one word for each – Fame, Finances, and Females. I am thankful for the advice handed down to me from Dr. Brown and from Job.

No Covenant = Much Covetousness

Look up the verses below today and meditate on your covenant with your eyes. Having no covenant will lead to covetousness. The eyes must be guarded today or they will lead to lust in the heart, corruption in the mind, and want in the body. Like Job, we must keep our focus on our God. He is so precious to me. “It’s heaven below, my Redeemer to know, for He is so precious to me.”

Verses to meditate on today: Genesis 13:10 | Psalm 101:3 | Psalm 99:37 | Proverbs 4:25

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  1. The verses for meditation for conquering covetousness shows one of the verses to be Psalm 99:37, however Psalm 99 contains only nine verses. Please guide me to the correct palm, verse, or both . Thanks for your faithful dedication and service. God bless.

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