Commit Thy Works Unto the Lord

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Proverbs 16:3 Dissected & Defined

Commit (Put into the power of another) thy works (efforts) unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established (fixed).

Daily-Devo Paraphrase

This is one of my favorite proverbs. This proverb has a great “underlying meaning.”

The key word to understanding its meaning is the word “unto.” Many people think that if you have a problem with bad thoughts, then this verse is abdicating that you do a bunch of things for God, and your bad thoughts will be eliminated over time. 

That is a self-righteous lie of the devil. That indicates you can “do” something to gain a level of Spirit power over your soul power. Your thoughts belong to your mind. Your mind belongs to your soul. To overcome the thoughts of your soul you must yield to the mind of Christ which dwells within you. 

So how do you to this? By serving harder? No! That’s what Adam did when he fell in the garden. He went to work making aprons. God didn’t want work – he wanted a walk!

God never leads us to work “for” Him. He wants us to walk “with” Him. Then, He will do the work “for us” as we submit to Him.

This is the “Hidden Life” that I believe most Christians are missing. You can choose to do lots of work in your own power and be somewhat effective if you are gifted and talented. Or, you can do His work in His power and be extremely effective. This is the natural man vs. the supernatural man!

This underlying meaning of this proverbs tells us that we do not work “for” the Lord to establish our thoughts, but rather we commit our works “unto” the Lord. Unto means “on and to” combined. It is an obscure word that is no longer used. It means “to give the work ‘to’ Him but putting the work ‘on’ Him.” 

What a great hidden truth (underlying meaning). If I give God the work, He will carry its burden, complete it beyond my capabilities, and give me rest as I walk. Understanding this “underlying meaning” is what “fixes my thinking.”

Don’t get tired, retire! Let God do your work. You are thinking better already!

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