Can PTSD Cause Addiction? A Testimony of Faith-Based Recovery

Can PTSD Cause Addiction? Here is the story of my journey from PTSD to self-medication, addiction, and then to recovery. Thank you for this opportunity to share how my Savior, Jesus Christ, has saved me. My journey to God was not what I thought it might be, but I realize it was what God planned for the best.

When I joined the Army, I was married for 10 years, with 2 children. I fought for 2 years in Iraq. When I came home from the Middle East, I knew things weren’t right with me. Adjusting to civilian life was beyond difficult, and I couldn’t keep a job. I found myself at the VA hospital with many others, diagnosed with PTSD and TBI, from the combat in Iraq. On top of fighting terrorists, I was picked-on and hazed by my men in my own unit. Trying to deal with all of this led me to self-medicate first, with alcohol but then into drugs and pornography. I slept very little because I dreaded the nightmares, so I stayed awake and numb.

It didn’t take long for the police to be called after one of my many drug-filled nights, and I found myself with a 2-year prison sentence.

I cannot say that when I am released from prison, that God will restore my life…but do you want to know why? Because He already has! Once I truly asked God to help me, I also realized that I would need to give Him full authority over my life. And because I did just that, God has so richly blessed me on the inside, and I hold only the greatest of expectations for the future.

I have 45 days left of my sentence, and because of the RUInside program, I will know how to lead a righteous life. I will have a “success team” when I am released—a new church, a mentor, and friends who all want to live for the Lord.

Romans 8:28 has been proven in my life, and I thank Him for working all things for good in my life.

It is now about God’s Will, His way, and His timing. Amen

Can PTSD Cause addiction?

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