Is there a Cure for Addiction? Testimony of an RU Volunteer

Is there a Cure for Addiction? It has been 10 yrs ago when I first heard about RU, and I was in a very bad place in my life.

Up until I was 25 years old, I was living an alcohol & drug-filled life. Then I got saved and Jesus Christ transformed my life. I was very grateful to the Lord, but I stopped doing the things that are essential for a Christian to grow –reading the word of God & going to church. It went downhill from there.

So again, I returned to the old lifestyle of drugs & alcohol. I was 43 years old when I heard about RU on the radio, in Clyde Ohio. I know that RU was an answer to a specific prayer because a week earlier, I had desperately asked God why there was no help for people like me– Christians who lost their way and stepped out of God’s will and into addiction!?

As I said, God answered & mightily! I was at RU the very next night, and never looked back!

RU was the evidence of God’s mercy and grace. The program became the vehicle that gave me a personal relationship with my Lord and Savior. Through the word of God and the RU discipleship books, my life has been further transformed.

Now God is allowing me to serve in many ministries, including an RU men’s group leader.

The RU curriculum, the accountability with others there, and the Love of God have made my life a joyous & prosperous one.

As I have learned to love God, in turn, He has shown me how to love others!! And the key to all of this is the local church, or “family” as I refer to it. Praise the Lord that RU is part of that!!! Is there a Cure for Addiction? YES!

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  1. I enjoyed and appreciated your story. I to have been saved by the powerful life changing grace and mercy of our Lord and my Savior Jesus Christ. My church is currently looking into starting a UR ministry in our church which they are urging me to be a part of. I to was addicted to drugs, alcohol and all the sins that goes along with that lifestyle. But thanks to my church and my family I now have been clean for over 3 years. The Lord has restored everything in my life that Satan stole from me. Now is my chance to fulfill my God given purpose… I pray that if there is anyone reading this who feels hopeless please know that Jesus is always with you, building you up. And don’t believe the lies that Satan tells you. You can and will accomplish anything God puts your mind to!

  2. Hello. My name is ChyAnne M. Jha. I too believe addiction can be cured and the power of God’s word and the healing and saving power of Jesus are my inspiration as well. I am 33 years old and I never want to look back from my new lifestyle. I went from an all day everyday drug user, whiskey drinking alcoholic, and cigarette smoker to a now grateful almost 5 month sober, almost 3 month clean and serene and almost 2 week cigarette free woman and mother. I am so happy to be handing down this new inspiration and new traits to my two sons! Praise God! Keep up the good work friends!

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