Avoid Immoral Relationships: Don’t Lose It All

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Proverbs 5:8-9 Dissected & Defined

Remove thy way (path) far from her (the strange woman), and come not nigh (near) the door of her house: Lest thou give thine honour (promotions) unto others, and thy years unto the cruel (those willing to torment):

Daily-Devo Paraphrase

Most people are not looking for opportunities to destroy their life through improper, much less immoral relationships. When they do, I have been told it just seems to “happen.”

Immoral Relationships Aren’t Always Planned

It’s as if someone was orchestrating it all behind the scenes. The opportunity presents itself. The coast is clear. The strange woman (or strange man for that matter) sends an unmistakable signal. You are flattered with their words and caught by their eyes. As the situation draws you in, the only option seems to be trial and error. 

I recently spoke to a man who struggled with immoral relationships. He told me that he had never noticed this strange woman before. They worked with over 300 ladies at his workplace and never felt drawn to any. He was happily engaged to be married that summer. He became very shocked the first time it became apparent that she had noticed him.

Avoiding Her Way By Not Even Looking

She signaled her interest with her eyes. As he would go near her at work, she would look at him, but only at his eyes. She would focus on his eyes, then at the moment that he focused back on her eyes, she would smile. 

So first, conversations began, and flattery followed. Then he changed his routine to put himself in her “way.” He was drawn by the eye contact and flattery from this strange woman! You see a strange woman is like a stranger in a foreign land. A strange woman simply is simply one belonging to another.

Don’t Lose It All, It Is Not Worth It

You see he tried, but he erred. Eventually, he lost his job and his fiancé. He told me that the devil reminds him every day of his mistakes. He had given his life unto the cruel!

Judging by his loss and torment from the enemy, I think it would have been better not to look! (Illustration used with permission)

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