Eating Disorder – Alexis’ Victorious Life Story

 My name is Alexis, and I am from Davenport, Iowa. I grew up in a good home with Christian parents who served the Lord. I was involved in our church choir and in AWANA, a Bible club for kids. Some might say that I had the perfect upbringing because I was not subjected to drugs, alcohol, or any other really bad influences.

What brought me to Reformers Unanimous was 5 years of suffering from anorexia.. It was taking away all of my happiness and love that I felt. As I began looking at health magazines, I began to compare myself to my two sisters, who were petite. I thought they looked better than me. I thought that if I were really skinny, then my friends and family would find me more attractive and love me more. But I was wrong, and I allowed Satan to tell me that I was ugly, overweight, and not beautiful.

They were all lies. My self-image was distorted because I had blinders on and couldn’t see myself the way others did. I couldn’t see how much my family and friends cared for me and loved me.

My addiction became so bad that I went from a healthy 131 lbs. to 98 lbs or less, and I was hospitalized in an eating disorder unit for approximately one month. I had tried secular treatment programs, but mostly felt like they were a waste of time. God Who knew me better than I knew myself, and He wanted a personal relationship with me.

I found this relationship after coming to the RU Women’s School of Discipleship in December, 2006. After being there a month,I didn’t feel like I was “getting it.” There was some talk about sending me home, but I am grateful it didn’t happen. It was shortly after that when things began to click with me, and I started listening to the Holy Spirit and yielding to Him.

Now God has changed my life completely. He has allowed me to be given a second chance through Mr. Steve Curington and the RU ministry, both of which have helped me blossom into a beautiful young lady.

One of the biggest blessings was becoming a member of the JoyBelles. The JoyBelles is a group of ladies who sing and share their testimonies with others. While on tour with the other ladies, the Lord worked in and through me, and He broke me. He helped me to stop listening to the lies that Satan was still trying to tell me. The otherJoyBelles began to see small changes in me and could tell that I was looking to Jesus for help and direction in my life. My life changed slowly, every day, over the course of the tour. During this tour, I realized that my Savior had reached down His hand for me, dusted me off, and was bringing out the new Alexis.

God is so good to me, and it is only because I have given my all to Him. I no longer want what I want, I only long for what God wants for me; He is the only one who can change me, and He is! I want to praise God for the RU program and all the ladies who were in the house with me, became my friends, and encouraged me.. My personal walk with God has grown so much, and I have a new strength in my life. I owe a lot of it to the “It’s Personal” Daily Journal, to which I am now addicted. It has strengthened my personal relationship with God.

My family says they are so blessed to have their daughter back.I can now see the “me” that God saw a long time ago, when He chose me to be one of His very own. The beauty of the Lord is awesome! I love the new, healthy weight that I have gained. I love the new healthy person that I have become with the help of the Lord. Now when Satan knocks on my door, I let God answer it. I look forward to God using me in future to honor, respect and glorify His name. Thank you RU!!

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